We offer geophysical consulting for the purpose of finding natural gas/oil/rare minerals/water with a unique set of technologies that offers a more affordable and quicker alternative to current methods.


In addition we offer affordable Ground Penetrating Radar carts for sale. These carts are an efficient and affordable means to locate underground pipes, construction, cavities, water, and rock deposits up to a 15 meter depth.


More specifically we are able to efficiently find these and many more:

  • Oil Deposits
  • Gas Deposits
  • Salt Deposits
  • Water Aquifers
  • Gold and Uranium Ores
  • Methane Deposits


Our methods have been used all over the world in Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia, Belarus, the Black Sea, Columbia, offshore Venezuela, Falkland Islands shelf,  offshore Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, the Caspian Sea, offshore Vietnam, offshore Indonesia, Gulf of Mexico, Ghana, and Antarctica.

Technology Principal Feature

Current methods are time intensive taking up weeks, where as our methods take only a few days. Likelihood of failure with traditional methods are 90%, with our methods failure rates are only 30-40%. In addition our methods lower costs by more than 90%.Our application of unique technology during prospecting, works for oil and gas reservoirs, ore minerals and aquifers. It allows to accelerate  the prospecting process, as well raising efficiency.

Technology components and equipments:

  • Special method of satellite data processing and interpretation;
  • Areal mapping by the method of forming a short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF);
  • Method of vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS);
  • Computer-assisted measurement instrumentation for field observations;
  • Software for measurement data registrations, processing and interpretation;